Why I Like GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is based in the U.S. with data centers in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2006, GreenGeeks has established a stellar reputation for providing reliable, affordable web hosting services. With excellent service, great plans and a conscience for the environment, GreenGeeks web hosting is the choice of many clients for their selected web hosting company.

100,000 Website and Counting

GreenGeeks is a very popular web hosting company with site owners and web developers.The company utilizes an energy efficient infrastructure to host over 100,000 websites. The web hosting company uses wind power and places a high priority on providing an environmentally friendly clean energy hosting solution for their clients.

3x Greener

In fact, they generate three times more clean power than the company uses, so the company actually feeds power back into the power grid, providing even more green energy to the larger community. GreenGeeks encourages web hosting clients to display badges on their sites indicating that their sites are “hosted Green.” As the need grows to encourage all businesses to become more eco-friendly, GreenGeeks has a head start by offering a green web hosting option.

The Bottom Line

GreenGeeks Trey GardnerWhen compared to other web hosting providers, GreenGeeks provides outstanding customer service, some of the best plans and stellar techncial support. Without a doubt, If find that GreenGeeks is a leader in the world of web hosting companies. There is no questioning why GreenGeeks receives accolades from several agencies and organizations. The company simply provides excellent web hosting service for a great price.